jueves, 30 de abril de 2009

Private Universes Home Exhibition

The house is our corner of the world. This is our first universe, is really the cosmos.

A world-wide acceptance of the term.
The poetics of space. Gaston Bachelard.

Janna Kokko / Home is a Poem

The word home is used to designate the place where the person lives, grows, and feels safety and calm. People designate home as the physical place, with four walls and defined by tangible elements, but it is a non-physical space as well, furnished by emotions, experiences, feelings, .. which make it up and make its existence possible.

The exhibition Private Universes - through the work of artists composed of video installations, performances, photographs and paintings - intends to show how the home becomes an extension of the individual. As it becomes the place where man builds his identity, recognizing in the treatment which is established with the space that welcomes him and makes him become himself. Hence the fact of the exhibition being realized in a private apartment. In addition to causing a reflection about the exhibition spaces and the differentet possibilities of them, the aim is to show the symbiotic relationships between the private space that we call home and the individual.



EXHIBITION 09.05.09 – 23.05.09

OPENING Friday 8th of May 18 – 21h

Open entrance to the EXHIBITION: 9 and 10 of may from 12h to 17h

For the next two weeks private guides will be the only way for access to the exhibition. Contact me and you will have a special private guide. The closing party is only for the people who have visited the space during the exhibition.

Location: A private apartment located in Punavuorenkatu 2 00120 Helsinki

Entrance contact:





Artists involved

Oliver Whitehead

Juhana Moisander

Panagiotes Balomenos

Annette Arlander

Johanna Lecklin

Janna Kokko

Curated by Jon Irigoyen

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